The art of wedding photography

Anyone saying that anyone can be a wedding photographer is absolutely wrong – there are several types of more difficult photography than wedding one, but only several. The most important thing in case of this particular type of photography is to be able to be nearly invisible to the guests and( even more importantly )to the bride and groom – only then the pictures taken at the wedding will be not posed, but natural, full of emotions and worth to look at them again and again.
There is one simple truth about the wedding: it is absolutely unforgettable and thus we should care about memorizing this special day not only in our own memories, but also on the photographic paper – professional photos taken by a skilled and talented photographer will remain in the family albums as a beautiful memoir of the most important day in your life, so be sure to find an appropriate person for the job.

If you live in Ireland, then…

If you live in Ireland, then you’ re very lucky, because there are several really fantastic photographers and one of the best not only in Ireland, but in the whole Europe is Daniel from DKPHOTO – visit his website and check the albums there, you will be amazed with these pictures and with their unique, specific to Daniel collage of documentalism with creativity and a mixture of feelings.

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