The art of wedding photography

Anyone saying that anyone can be a wedding photographer is absolutely wrong – there are several types of more difficult photography than wedding one, but only several. The most important thing in case of this particular type of photography is to be able to be nearly invisible to the guests and( even more importantly )to the bride and groom – only then the pictures taken at the wedding will be not posed, but natural, full of emotions and worth to look at them again and again. Continue reading

Hang your wife and shoot your kids with DKPhoto

You’ re a decent, hard working guy whose fiancé and soon to be family are deserving of only the highest standards and the most clever solutions. You’ ve always made great efforts to provide them with as much joy and comfort as only you’ re able to. And that’ s exactly why you’ re in the right hands. A photographer’s soul shall stay restless as long as their plan remains unfinished. Our crew shall relieve you of this and many other burdens.

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